Are you happy? Are you living the life that you had dreamed of? Or do you feel stuck and find you cannot get to where you want to be? Are relationships difficult? Are you just existing?

So many of us are living a life that is influenced by what we believe we should be doing. Maybe a life that is expected of us or because we can't see any other option. Maybe you feel that you are not good enough  or clever enough to achieve what you would really like to. Success is just for others. Many of us carry negative beliefs about our selves and our world around us that influence how we live our lives. We are often not even aware of those beliefs but they affect all our decisions and the choices we make in life. These limiting inner beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are formed by the age of around 7 years and are often reinforced through life. They influence every decision and choice we make, affect how our relationships are, create fear and uncertainty and so many other emotions and feelings.

What if you could begin to see the life you are really able to create for yourself. What if you began to recognise that you deserve all this and more. By just being willing to change you begin the process. Let me guide you to a life full of opportunity and success.

I can  gently guide you to identify these negative beliefs and begin the process of changing them and bringing in positive thoughts and feelings. As your thinking and your emotions change, as we heal past events and let things go, wonderful changes will begin to occur in your life
Heal Your Life workshops  

Workshops are a wonderful way of moving forward more quickly often learning from and supporting each other. . I offer a number of workshops based on the philosophy and work of Louise L Hay. These vary from 3 hours to 2 full days.
 Heal Your Life® Achieve Your Dreams is a powerful and life changing 2 day workshop. In this workshop you are gently guided through various execises and meditations to begin and identifying those hidden limiting beliefs and given the tools on how to begin the changes. Each participant is fully supported throughout and at no point is anyone forced to speak out.
 Love Yourself Even More is another 2 day workshop for those have already attended the Heal Your Life®, Achieve your Dreams workshop. This workshop uses new exercises and techniques to help you further on your journey.
Money and Consciousness  A workshop that helps you discover the root causes of your money challenges through various exercises and techniques. Learn how to change this and how to use visualisation and the Law of Attraction to get what you want.
Your Mind is Amazing is a 3 hour workshop on the body mind connection
The Totality of Possibilities A 6 hour workshop helping you to recognise all that is possible in your life and how to achieve it
Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen A 4 week course (2and half hour each week) helping you to learn how to use the Law of Attraction easily and change your life

Remember that you deserve the best in life. You deserve to give yourself every opportunity to allow yourself to create the life that you truly want and deserve. I hope you choose to join me on the journey.
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