Events and workshops

Please contact me for the venue.

Reiki Share  Tuesday  TBA 7pm -9pm, all welcome £5
Come and share the beautiful energy or to discover more about Reiki

Heal Your Life evening  These evenings are based on the work of Louise L Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life. Come and begin to see what is holding you back in life and how you can begin the changes you want.TBA 7pm-9pm £5

Reiki level one workshop

Sunday November  0930am - 5.30pm

Investment £80

Begin an exciting new journey with Reiki. In this workshop you will learn,

What is Reiki, where it comes from,

The history of Reiki,

What we can use Reiki for and how it manifests,

An introduction to the energy body,

How to do a self- healing,

How to perform Reiki for others,

The Reiki principles,

And more!


This workshop is a combination of theory and practical work in a very relaxed setting. By the end of the workshop you will have a good understanding of Reiki and be able to use it for yourself and others. Each participant receives a file with all information covered and a certificate. Ongoing support given. Please contact Susan on 07857369197 or email to book a place

Reiki 2 Workshop

Sunday TBA 9.30am -6pm

Investment £120


This workshop takes you further on your Reiki journey . You will learn:
the three sacred Reiki symbols,
How to send distant healing.
How to beam Reiki
How to use Reiki to clear energy in any space,
How to use Reiki to protect your home and car
and much more.